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La valse des invalides

by Claude Caron

La valse des invalides, a new production by Ballet Ouest de Montréal, revisits the famous novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. This ballet tells the story of a young man who is different, misunderstood and ostracized by his family and society, and of a young woman who sees in him more than his limitations.

Classical technique is combined with the creative choreography of Ballet Ouest's artistic director, Claude Caron, who creates a contemporary work with eight talented performers and an original musical composition, to the delight of the eyes, ears and spirit.

Choreography : Claude Caron
Original music : Michael Daigle
Costumes : Caroline Rivard
Dancers upon creation :  Claudia Colonna, Elljay Timmanjen, Meimi Hasegawa, Tiffany Manankil, Sabrina Polewczuk, Samantha Vissani, Hannah-Jane Clutchey, Sylvia Berman

Running time: 50 minutes

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