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Programs and Classes

Registrations for 2024-25

Registration for the new season will open to new students on July 2 at 7pm.

Evaluation for children aged 8 and over

For new students 8 years old and over, an evaluation will be necessary to assess level placement.

Youth Classes

These classes are offered to very specific age groups in order to provide targeted and effective training.

© Michael Slobodian

Creative Movement I (3 year olds) &
Creative Movement II (4 year olds)

The Creative Movement Program introduces concepts of dance through creative movement and expression. The goal is to integrate our youngest dancers into a class setting, develop their movement skills and coordination, encourage musicality, and prepare them for more advanced ballet training.

45-minute classes – once per week - Saturdays or Sundays


© Michael Slobodian

Pre-Ballet I (5 year olds) &
Pre-Ballet II (6 year olds)

The Pre-Ballet Program expands upon creative concepts, and introduces more advanced movements and traditional ballet technique. The goal is to prepare the dancer for the Ballet Program’s more intensive ballet training, all while encouraging a love of dance and performance. The Pre-Ballet levels are a pivotal period for many dancers, when talent emerges and an enduring love of dance is formed.

45 to 60 minute classes – once per week - Saturdays or Sundays

Classes for dancers ages 7 and up

These classes are organized according to skill level, not age; at the end of the year our Artistic Director conducts a formal evaluation and determines the level placement of each student. 
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© Wendy Longlade

Ballet Program (ages 7 and up)

The Ballet Program has been designed for the recreational ballet student, with the aim of encouraging an appreciation of dance, physical activity and self-discipline. Students of this program progress through each level at a pace matched to their own development.

1 to 1.5 hour classes – 2 to 3 times/week - weeknight evenings


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© Wendy Longlade

Enriched Ballet Program

(by invitation or evaluation)

The Enriched stream provides a framework within which young dancers who show exceptional promise can train more intensively alongside other dancers of their level. The goal of the Enriched stream is to develop a team of strong dancers who can represent Ballet Ouest and to offer our most promising young dancers a more intensive and challenging program that will inspire them to achieve their potential.

1.25 to 1.5 hour classes – 3 to 6 times/week - weeknight evenings and Saturdays



© Wendy Longlade

Adult Ballet Classes

Our Adult Ballet class offers adults of all levels the opportunity to learn the technique and artistry of classical ballet. Whether you danced when you were younger and did not continue, or whether you have always dreamed of taking ballet...this class is for you!

  • Beginner Ballet: A lively and comfortable atmosphere welcomes beginner students, who have never practiced ballet before.

  • Intermediate Ballet: This class is for those with some previous training, interested in challenging themselves and improving their technique.

1.25 hour class – once a week - weeknight evening

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